Corporate Finance and Restructuring


Having the optimal financial structures to realise an enterprise's real potential is a fundamental element of our philosophy. At Torne & Shirmers, we offer strategic support to financial investment plans, restructuring and equity growth.


Organisational Optimisation

Since the company's incorporation in 2009, we maintain a deep commitment to our clients, putting forth the right organisational optimisation plan, to efficiently utilising and deploying our client's human capital.

Corporate Improvements

Our team delivers - order to cash initiatives - increasing business velocity, addressing route to market, International trade, supplier enterprise development, LEAN and programme management.


'Whether you are a corporate giant, SME or fledgling start-up, we all from time to time need some short-term assistance. Considering a merger, acquisition, divestment or are looking to achieve that much-needed step change? We can help. Our immediate or extended teams have a diverse background and years of experience delivering trusted, practical, and efficient solutions' Neil Wilkinson - Managing Director


'Transformation through Innovation'

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